Donna Carmela, Sicily

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Design
Building use:  Hospitality, Restaurant and Bars, Pools
Phase: End 2020 – Ongoing

Donna Carmela Resort & Lodges, surranded by a lush Mediterranean and subtropical garden, is a touristic location between the sea and the slopes of Etna. The refurbishment of the existing building including a new layout for rooms and terraces. A new metal pergola is insert in the internal courtyard, making the entrance more welcoming. The ambients become bright, fresh and in line with the origin of the place: a Mediterranean garden.

The project intends to emphasize within the rooms, terraces and new entrance the guest experience of staying in an estate within a park overlooking the sea. The use of traditional and natural materials allows you to enhance this experience as if they were “original” of the house.

Thanks to the generous dimensions of the rooms, the project proposes the revision of the layouts to adapt it to the minimum equipment of a 4-5 star hotel of great comfort.