Marina di Venezia Shopping Centre

Cavallino Treporti, Venice, Italy – 2016/2018

Services: Masterplan, Architecture, Interior design
Building Use: Retail, commercial, restaurant and services
Public Areas: Shopping area
Phases: Start 2016 – Completion 2018

Following the successful design of the Garden Villas, the Piacermio Restaurant and the Welcome Area, Camping Marina di Venezia commissioned MTLC the redisegn of their Shopping area. The layout builds on the main asset of the site: the tree-lined avenue. Maritime pine trees take centre stage with the complex taking shape around them. The masterplan develops through the redistribution of retail units around the central avenue, creating a variety of areas and internal courtyards where shoppers can roam in courtyards, squares and green areas. Single storey retail units are inspired by traditional markets: individual pavilions of various sizes interact under one roof in an organised but yet permeable fashion.