Mirage Mobile Home Styling

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Design
Building use:  Hospitality, Mobile Home
Phase: Prototype completed for Rimini Sun Expo 2019

The Mirage Mobile Home is a concept of mobile home in terms of amenities and design, characterized by different styles. Each cluster has been designed to be an independent unit that communicates with the surrounding environment, in line with the concept of sharing, which is what a holiday in the great outdoors is all about. You will experience an ideal holiday in the setting that best suits your requirements. You can practice sports, relax in a spa, enjoy organic food, or watch your kids play in a safe place near your mobile home, while appreciating all the amenities you will find in the mobile home. 

Here you can find three different style: Evo sea, Evo forest, Evo sand. Different places, same comfort and luxury design.