Davines Headquarters

Parma, Italy – 2017

MTLC Services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape design
Phase: Start 2014 – Completion 2017

A village hosting the new administrative and production HQ of the organic cosmetics brand. A village with welcoming, two-storey houses gathering around a luxuriant garden and a greenhouse.
The gentle mood of the complex and the transparency of the buildings, given by the glazed facades, reflect Davines’ commitment to environmental and ethical sustainability. A distinct sense of beauty and the professional values and mission of the hair care brand are symbolized by a playful architecture based on the archetype of the European house with gabled roof, carried by cubic volumes, reminiscent of children’s construction kits.
Essential materials confer a human feel to the complex: wood for primary structures, glass for the gable end of the buildings and metal cladding for the roof and external upper sidewalls. The interior design is flexible and open, and communicates with the exterior thanks to the glazed facades.