Queenslander Mobile Home

 Italy – 2018

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape design
Building use:  Glamping, Luxury mobile home
Phase: Prototype completed for Rimini Sun Expo 2018

The Queenslander [Zn30] Mobile home is a part of a larger project to re-organize Glamping areas. Glamping is the combination of the words glamour and camping, and identifies a holiday based on comfort, beauty, functionality, and environmental sustainability.

Queenslander [Zn30]: a mobile home dedicated to sea enthusiasts that hints at the chic interiors of yachts, marinas, and nautical clubs. The look is dominated by the colors of the noble woods used for yacht decks and by the metal effects of the keels and railings of the deck. The fabrics range from ecru cotton to decorations in “burnt” and white shades. The fabric-effect floors match the chrome-plated and opal glass details. The boiserie walls made of dark wood bring to mind a comfortable and elegant yachting holiday below deck.