Mediterranea Mobile Home

 Italy – 2018

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Landscape design
Building use:  Glamping, Luxury mobile home
Phase: Prototype completed for Rimini Sun Expo 2018

The Mediterranea Mobile home is a part of a larger project to re-organize Glamping areas. Glamping is the combination of the words glamour and camping, and identifies a holiday based on comfort, beauty, functionality, and environmental sustainability.

The mobile home inspired by the most beautiful Mediterranean spots – “From Ibiza to Mykonos” where the land’s colors and natural materials and the blue of the sea take the stage.
The clean and minimalist interiors are enriched with typical decorations: ceramic-effect floors, white walls, and white, sky blue and blue fabrics and details. The wooden fixtures with large windows and a thin yet sturdy frame continue the dialogue between interiors and exteriors.

The light-coloured cladding is made up of innovative 3D environmentally- friendly fibre cement panels, which ensure optimal thermo-acoustic insulation and the typical whitewashed effect of southern European coasts. An aesthetic impact that brings to mind luxurious holidays by the sea.