Therme Meran

Meran, Italy – 2006

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Lighting design, Styling and decoration, Signage design
Building use: Thermal bath
Total building area: 56,300 m2
Architect: Concept: Baumann and Zillich, Berlin
Phase: Start 2003 – Completed 2006

At the heart of a major urban development, this “glass box” acts as a link between town and nature. The scheme and its 25 pools and 8 saunas is Italy’s largest public Spa. Modern environmentally friendly techniques are applied to save energy and water, e.g. a low-temperature heating system and the use of well water where drinking water is not essential (toilets, waste), saving about eight million litres of drinking water per year. A cogeneration plant produces electricity, using the residual heat produced for heating the thermal bath. An absorption cooling system uses the excess thermal energy from the cogeneration plant for cooling the hotel and spas. A heat-recovery plant is used for the production of hot water.